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Wreck Diving

by Bridget McDonald Situated in the Pacific Ocean, both Guam and Palau are known for their inclusion in World War II as allies of Japan and the United States. Guam, a U.S. territory, is considered the military hub of the … Continue reading

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Rock Island Kayaking

by Casey Quon On one of our last days in Palau, we kayaked amongst the famous Rock Islands. As we paddled, the birds and bats flying above us and the whole impression given off by the jungle covered islands made … Continue reading

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Exploring Palau

by Christine Sur Environmental Studies Class Rank: Junior After finishing three full days of diving the beautiful reefs of Palau, we spent a day touring different scenic and cultural sites. We were with two very knowledgeable tour guides who showed … Continue reading

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Data Analysis

by David Ginsburg Lecturer, Environmental Studies Program After 2.5 weeks of scuba diving around Catalina, Guam, and Palau collecting information on indicator species, it was time for the students to analyze their data…a task that is often easier said than … Continue reading

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Guam and the Military: A Complicated Environmental Relationship

by Dan Killam Discussing the role of the military in Guam requires an open mind, using practical reasoning instead of adhering to preconceived beliefs. Over the course of our time in Micronesia, we’ve been exposed to many different views of … Continue reading

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Jellyfish Lake, Palau

by Derek Lazo Environmental Studies Class Rank: Senior We had just finished our last dive of the trip feeling great. After a short boat ride, we arrived at the dock of Jellyfish Lake. We took the few minutes to put … Continue reading

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Meeting with Staffers in the Guam Congressional Office

by Kirby Culbertson Environmental Studies While in Guam, we were lucky enough to meet with Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo’s policy advisor, Regine Lee, along with her other advisors Joaquin Perez and Andrew Tenorio. Despite all of the incredibly diverse marine environments … Continue reading

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