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Challenges Facing Japan’s Marine Fisheries

Originally published at By Molly Sullivan For thousands of years, the sea has served Japan as a cultural and economic resource. The Japanese have made heavy use of the ocean surrounding their island nation, harvesting a host of marine … Continue reading

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Military Buildup’s Environmental Takedown

Originally published at By: Juliana Duran Guam, a US territory, is an island that is no stranger to war or military presence. It first came under US control after the Spanish-American war. However, during WWII, after Pearl Harbor was … Continue reading

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Offshore Energy Acquisition in the Western Pacific: The Decline of the World’s Most Abundant Fisheries

Originally published at By Ryan Gobar East Asia and the Northwestern Pacific are home to some of the world’s biggest and most productive fisheries, with average yearly yields in the 20-24 million ton range (Ahlenius 2004). The region is … Continue reading

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Okinawa and the U.S. military, post 1945

Originally published at By Lane Johnston Okinawa has had a tumultuous history and a scattered identity throughout the twentieth century. As a Japanese territory before World War II, Okinawans did not ever fully adopted Japanese culture as their own. … Continue reading

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Effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas in Mexico – the Actam Chuleb Example

Originally published at By Alanna Waldman As our world population continues to grow, it implies a higher demand for resources. Whether these resources are food, water, or land, the effect of this growth on our environment is often detrimental … Continue reading

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The lost cousins of Homo sapiens in Asia and the South Pacific

Originally published at By Paige Minteer The evolution of humans is the result of a number of speciation events that have built upon one another to create the modern-day human species: Homo sapiens. Humans are believed to have evolved … Continue reading

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A Persistent Case of Diabetes Mellitus in Guam

Originally published at By Amanda Ungco Proud of their culture and successes, Americans have soaked up the American dream and have broadened their wings to influence the rest of the world. Many of these influences manifest themselves as good … Continue reading

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