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Remaking What We’ve Lost – A Look At Artificial Reefs

By Edward Fischer Originally published at The loss of natural reef systems is a threat to both biodiversity and ecosystem services on a global scale. In many cases, the loss of these reef ecosystems is a direct result of … Continue reading

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Diving into Apra Harbor’s Western Shoals and CB Junkyard

By Santiago Fernandez-Barrera Originally published at Drenched by the torrential rains of Guam as a tropical depression petered out to the northwest, my classmates and I loaded up the dive boat with gear as we prepared for our first … Continue reading

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Chamorro Women and the Spanish

By Santiago Fernandez-Barrera and Iñaki Pedroarena-Leal Originally published at As practitioners of Mexican culture and native Spanish speakers visiting Guam, we have quickly become attuned to a familiar tone in the Chamorro language. Guam was once under Spanish power, … Continue reading

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The Guam and Calayan Rails

By Dawnielle Tellez Originally published at In the Pacific, a genus of birds known as Gallirallus has evolved on various islands forming twelve distinct modern species, endemic to different islands ranging from Okinawa all the way to New Zealand.  … Continue reading

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Catalina Ecotourism

By Christina Irvin Catalina Island is a gem located twenty-two miles off the Southern California Coast, and currently has nine protected areas surrounding it. It is part of the Southern California Bite, which, according to the MLPA (1999), provides habitats … Continue reading

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Invasive Species Impact on Island Ecology

By Stephen Holle Planet earth is intimately linked through various modes of transportation such as ships and planes. However, unlikely passengers (flora and fauna) sometimes stroll past security and embark on free rides across the world. The unintended passengers can … Continue reading

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Economic Effects of the Revised Military Buildup in Guam

By Nick Leonard Originally published at In December 2002, the US–Japan Security Consultative Committee began a series of conversations about strategic military alignment in the Pacific and how to protect their associated countries in “today’s rapidly changing global security … Continue reading

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