Chamorro Village

by Lauren Otaguro
Class Rank: Sophomore

Exhausted, wet and starved, we headed straight for Chamorro village after our first two dives in hopes of picking up some souvenirs and eating local cuisine for dinner. The village instantly reminded me of Waikiki and the International Marketplace there, where dozens of vendors go to sell little trinkets to tourists. We split up and went our separate ways.

My first stop after scoping the area was under a small tent that sold island sweets. Together we bought coconut candy, Latiya (cake, pudding and cinnamon), coconut water (delicious!), and aganini (coconut-flavored mochi). Sweet tooths satisfied, we began exploring again for dinner. I ended up getting a plate of shrimp cakes, BBQ chicken, and lumpia with Casey and Laura, and by the time we got our food, it started to pour. Running for cover, we ran into Sabrina, Jennah, and Mariah eating more delicious local food, including a fried parrotfish!

After we completely stuffed ourselves, it was finally time to search for souvenirs and more yummy treats. We saw Chamorro dancing, a live coconut crab and monitor, got fried bananas and coconut milk straight from the coconut, and neon Guam hats. Before long it was time to head home to rest for another day of diving and say farewell to the Chamorro village, a fun marketplace where you can not only get souvenirs and food, but also a peek into the unique Chamorro culture.

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