Hike to the Lost Pond (Guam Day 1)

by Mariah Gill

Lost in the coastal jungle on the leeward side of Guam, the tiny brackish water pond was a refreshing morsel at the end of the two‑mile beach and jungle hike. The sand on the meandering beach appeared at first glance to be nothing but white gleaming sand, but upon closer inspection soft reds and oranges, tiny opal bits and blues popped up amongst the fine whites. Although it sounds cliché, words really cannot describe the untouched beauty of the sea meeting the beach and the green and white marbled cliffs in the distance! We met maybe eight people during our hike, all of them locals. Whether these folk were fishing for little silver shore fish to fry up with lemon, onions and garlic or escaping the humid heat by sitting submerged to their chins in the shallows, they reinforced how important the ocean is to life on land in Guam.

By the time we got to Lost Pond, half of the group was already stripped down to their bikinis and the other half was already soaked. Mosquitoes got a nice feast of haole blood that day and the terrestrial hermit crabs tolerated us picking them up but will probably try to avoid the next group of students that treks through their forest. Needless to say, by the time we saw the green water of the tiny pond we were all envisioning an ice‑cold mountain water swim. Well, the water wasn’t ice cold, but the luke-warm water it was still rewarding.

After we wandered out of the jungle we swam in the shallow ocean of the reef flat and it was as warm as a bath. To cool off I swam down to the bottom and hung out with the blue starfish and sea cucumbers as long as my wimpy air breathing lungs could handle. At the end I was one of the last people to get back to the van, and a hike that should have taken two hours ended up taking all day. On that hike I was reminded what it means to be truly careless, what a beautiful concept.

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2 Responses to Hike to the Lost Pond (Guam Day 1)

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